Who Should Lead Change?

Many people, from all levels within the education, are realizing that there are certain aspects of education that need to be changed to fit student’s learning styles and to match what is going on in the “real world”.

My question is…”who should lead the change?”

If true change is going to happen, I think that it needs to be classroom teachers that lead the change.

Classroom teachers supporting other classroom teachers is what would drive the change.  Teachers who are not afraid to change things and already have, must help other teachers to do so.

Not everyone is willing to jump in with both feet, but if we have to hold some hands while these teachers dip their toes in the water, maybe it will lead to a pool party at year’s end.  Michael Phelps cannot push teachers in the deep end and tell them to float, even if he knows that they won’t drown, they won’t believe him.

Teachers being flotation devices for other teachers would let them learn to swim (even if it takes some longer than others).  There are needs for coaches along the way to assist and/or speed up the process, but peers should be the driving force.

Small successes will lead to larger successes in the future.  The change will snowball into something positive for everyone involved in education.

Teachers collaborating and supporting each other will lead to great changes in education.


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