The Evolution of Education

The system of education in which is present today in our schools is one that was developed over time.

The key for us to having a system that will benefit the students that we teach is that we allow the system to continue to evolve and not to become stagnant.

Strong teaching practices will survive.  Weak teaching practices will perish.  This will allow education to evolve.

The problem with an evolving education system is time.  Those who crave to see changes in the way that we teach students want this process to happen very quickly.  Evolution tells us this process will take time.

Should we be taking smaller steps in changing education?  

By doing so, it would allow us to prove along the way that changes we are making are building a better educational model.

This may not be the flashy or exciting methodically for changing education but it might prove to be the more successful model.


What can you do to facilitate the evolution of education?


7 thoughts on “The Evolution of Education

  1. Here’s my initial thought…. I agree that this is a good model. But “Strong teaching practice will survive. Weak teaching practices will perish.” Has this worked for us in the past? Sometimes it seems that the weak practices are the ones sticking around the longest. How much time can we afford for this to evolve?
    Keep posting ….keep us thinking! Thanks!


    1. That is a great point. Weak practices are still sticking around. I think what needs to happen is that there is still a push to evolve. Try new ideas, see if they work and build off of the ones that are successful. That process takes time.

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  2. I agree there is a lack of patience in education. Change should take time so we can consider where we are headed.

    We work in a profession that seems driven by the latest fad. Hype is generated and we’re suddenly led to hit the ground running in that direction.

    It’s important to look at the big picture, and decide which steps will take us to where we want to be.

    I agree these should be baby steps. As in nature, evolution can be painfully slow, but we must adapt correctly to survive.


  3. I do like the idea/concept of the evolving education system. Although I think there are more problems hindering it than just time.

    For the weak teaching practices vs strong teaching practices, is there some kind of teaching practice ThunderDome that we could create to increase the rate of evolution?


  4. I was told once to “live out loud”. By that I mean I am active on social media and am readily googled. It’s all I can do to facilitate the evolution of education, from my own perspective. More and more teachers are turning to blogs to “think aloud” which also helps. Glad you have joined the blogsphere and keep on posting!


  5. Another thought provoking post. I agree that sustained change will take time at the system level and in some cases should take more time. I do believe though at the level of the person, change should happen much more quickly when the need for change is recognized. In other words, when I identify a need for change in my own practice, I should have a sense of urgency to ensure that students benefit. Avis Glaze often says the students can’t wait and that has stuck with me. This then connects back to a post by a brilliant blogger last week regarding the individual level influencing and leading change hopefully at the system level.


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