The Evolution of Education – Speeding Up the Process

Yesterday, I wrote The Evolution of Education which generated some great conversation on social media and face to face with peers.

Here is a follow up to that:

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs of how education should work and what is best in their own classroom but sometimes they are wrong.  The question is how do we convey the message that there might be other ways of doing things.

Most often times this message of changing educational practices is told to teachers and not shown to teachers. When the message is delivered this way, it is not widely accepted.  Why is this?

How can we make this process better and allow for evolution of education?  

Can we speed up the evolution of education to rate where real change can be seen each year?

The answer is yes!  I propose that this process can be sped up by having classroom teachers sharing ideas that have been tested and have proven to work for them.

Those teachers that are changing their practices to allow students to learn better need to share those methods with other teachers in a concrete way.

The teachers that are evolving faster than others are idea generators but in order to allow teachers to evolve faster we cannot just continue to share ideas.  We must share ideas that have be tested and have proven to work in the classroom.

There are definitely places for big ideas in the evolution of education but in order to advance education we must present methods that have been proven to work and which show that students will learn better.


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