Tim Regan, High School Teacher, Chatham ON

I am a teacher, not a robot.  I think the most important aspect of being a teacher is to let students know that you are human.  I make mistakes but I try to learn from them.  I expect students to do the same.

I believe it is important to have fun in the classroom and this is easy to do by developing a good relationship with students, again, being a human is important.

I am a teacher who is willing to try and experiment new things in the classroom to make everyone’s experience an enjoyable one.

I use technology in the classroom on a daily basis.  It has become an important part of my teaching career.  I am always looking at new ways to make the learning experience for my students a rich one and an engaging one.

Professional Side:

I teach at John McGregor Secondary School in Chatham, ON.

I am currently teaching Grade 9 Science and Grade 12 Biology

Technical Side: 

I am a graduate of the Concurrent Science and Education from UWindsor (BSc. Biochemistry, BEd.)

I also hold a specialist in Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction.


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